Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Create the Presence of your Brand Effectively!

Social media has become a space where any brand could communicate and connect as well as create an online community which would have their loyal customers and prospective buyers. As a renowned digital marketing agency we understand that every platform has the capacity of attracting different kinds of user groups with varying intentions.

To fulfillaccount based marketing goals you will have to understand that a person using Instagram would have a completely different mind set in comparison to someone who is using LinkedIn. Even if it is the same person, the tone of the message needs to be completely different on various platforms in order to connect as well as engage the user.

But it is needless to say that universally there is one thing that is constant and that is that none of them want to be sold anything and Advantedges implements this understanding into their account based marketing plan.

There are instances of brands overdoing the selling on social media, while misunderstanding what goes in the minds of the consumers is one of the many reasons they miss out on making the connection.

Understanding these little details of the social media's aspects is the job of a digital marketing agency and if you can tap that correctly then it would be the key of success for your business and that is where Advantedges helps.

Facebook Page and its Management

From page creation, poster designing, uploading, ad management, performance, checking and monitoring campaign performance, replying to potential customers queries and increasing the follower base with increasing posts, Advantedges would do everything for you as their account based marketing tactics.

Instagram Handle and its Management

We as an efficient digital marketing company specialises in powerful word utilisation, trending hashtags, unique social media strategies which will positively impact the brand building goal of any company. With a unique blend of set tactics as well as creative ideas like using high end visual, catchy videos and concept driven posts.

Twitter Account and its Management

Mighty words and hashtags which are trending are the definition of Twitter. Our artistic experts know both. Our strategic Twitter marketing through account based marketing framework will positively impact your brand-building goal. With a unique mixture of creative outputs and a set of effective as well as proven tactics, we aid in developing brand authority on this platform that is known for micro-blogging.

LinkedIn Profile Management

Reflect the professionalism of your business on this global networking channel created for professionals through account based marketing lead generation. Not only B2B but B2C marketers as well are able to be benefitted by an authoritative presence on this platform. This helps in developing a huge interconnected channel of professionals who are like-minded.

By providing you with the exactly pertinent tactics and proper account based marketing framework for each social media operation, we ensure that your business succeeds and your brand is known far and across without appearing to be too pushy!