Research and Measurement

Research and Measurement

For effective Digital marketing, a brand needs to do efficient research for how the existing content on the multiple channels is performing.

Businesses need to conduct a social audit of their website and social media profiles. It’s a critical part of developing and updating an effective Social media marketing strategy. This process helps you review what part of the strategy is working in your brands’ favor and what is holding it back. Helps one realize which content is redundant and not adding to your overall success and improve results.

Another component can be identifying where and with what kind of content your audience is responding well to. Identify what channels you could expand your presence to could be another aspect to add to your overall marketing plan.

A social edit helps a business recognize and identify whether there exist any imposter and fake accounts. Indulging in competitor analysis is a widespread and useful tactic and is something brands benefit from when done well. This includes analyzing what kind of content your competitors are publishing, how frequently they’re doing so, etc. There’s always some learning and insight one can gain after doing this to stay on top of your game and not get complacent.

There exist multiple marketing automation software (for example, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc) that help keep a check on the reach a business has in terms of audience and measure it effectively. These platforms facilitate the process of communicating with a large audience. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube also have features that let business profiles measure and analyze the number of views, profile visits and customer engagements on their respective pages.

These measurements and analysis aid the process of keeping up with whether your business marketing efforts are proving fruitful or not and whether your reach is steadily expanding over time or has become stagnant.

AdvantEdges Digital, with close to a decade of experience, knows how to effectively measure as well as expand reach and engage the relevant audience. With an experienced research team we find out exactly what additional strategies your brand can benefit from to reach its optimum potential!