Cost-Per-Click (CPC) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a module that charges the advertisers on the basis of clicks. It isn’t contingent on any further involvement of the customer. All they have to do is click.

CPC/PPC is a performance-based metric.

Through the CPC/PPC model the condition of payment is dependent on user interaction with the ad. We can interpret clicks as interest by the user.

There are lots of benefits for an advertiser in choosing this method. The ads gain exposure regardless of clicks whereas the payment is contingent on them.

It makes measuring ROI less complicated. You're updated on what's working and what isn't.

The budget is in your control, and you can target specific regions and keywords. Here at Advantedges, our team can run, manage, and calculate the effectiveness of your CPC/PPC campaign. It can be measured in CTR (Click Through Rate). Our experts are going to spend time to maintain a great quality score to boost the reach of your campaign and secure a steady ad rank.

Cost-Per-Action (CPA) or Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) Advertising is a module that charges the advertisers on the basis of each action such as installation, click, or converting to the lead. When a user clicks on the ad and then takes further action, it makes that user qualified lead for sale.

Cost-Per-Lead highlights certain users as a priority since they have to actually visit the advertiser’s site and complete and action.