Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is a promoting strategy that revolves round the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a target market so as to bring new traffic (and thus new customers) to your business. It means garnering business and traffic by acting as a knowledgeable source of information.

Back when the world was void of the world wide web, marketing was hugely vendor-driven. In order to buy something, you had to talk to a salesperson for the information you required. This information was obviously biased and designed to push the salesperson's product.

You couldn’t compare costs and attributes as effortlessly as you can these days. You couldn’t read reviews. And you didn’t have the simplest time educating yourself on the things you were making an attempt to complete. That made marketers very powerful. The Internet helped in making information more accessible. This has lead to a power shift favouring the buyer. By 2013, Forrester estimated that buyers handled two-thirds to 90% of the traditional sales funnel themselves before ever contacting a salesperson.

This is why business owners have to think of creative ways to appear on buyers' radars. We at Advantedges, are going to be your guide to become a popular source that garners audiences' attention. There are many functions of content marketing such as

  • Content marketing earns trust
  • It grows your audience
  • It generates demand
  • There's a low cost per acquisition